How Do You Find These Tax Deed Sales?


These sales can be found by checking the local courthouse, although they are typically advertised. There will likely be a multitude of people showing up to bid on the properties. This is a game for those that actually have money to spend. It can also be lucrative for those that have a relationship with a bank, investor, or a friend or family member that can actually provide them with the…

The Main Benefits Of Tax Deed Sales For The Buyer

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The primary benefit comes down to one simple word: leverage. You are able to leverage a substantial amount of equity. For example, if you purchase a home that was originally bought in the 1970s for $30,000, and the taxes owed on that property amount to $20,000 in back taxes and fees, the value of that property could be $200,000. As a result of that, you instantly have $180,000 in equity….

The Many Benefits Of Bidding On Tax Deed Sales


A tax deed sale is something that occurs in many cities and towns across the nation. It is a time where properties are actually sold for the amount of the taxes that our owed. These can be very lucrative sales for those that purchase these properties. They can get substantial deals as many of them are valued at much more than the cost of the taxes. You will want to…